It’s Almost Time!

MidWest Writers Workshop begins on Thursday, July 23rd.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.  Writers from all over the country will be arriving in my hometown for 3 days of workshops, networking, pitching, chatting, and shenanigans!  I feel very fortunate to have this event all here, in my home, because 1) it makes it affordable for me (hotels are pricey) and 2) I’m not much of a traveler.  I get to sleep in the comfort of my own bed and also meet all these fun people. How lucky am I?!

MidWest has a pretty full schedule, but if you’re attending the conference (or visiting Muncie for any other reason), here are a few places I recommend.

Concannon’s Bakery & Coffee Shop:  Concannon’s is a Muncie staple.  It’s where you go if you want donuts, danishes, cakes – pastries of all sorts!  They expanded a few years ago and now, in addition to the original location downtown, there’s a location on the west side of town (conveniently close to the hotels where conference-attendees will be staying).  It’s on Baker Lane.  🙂  They added a cafe, with great soups, salads, and sandwiches, as well as a coffee bar.  Plus, there are the donuts.  Freshly-made daily.  And cakes.  And pies.  And cookies.  And even candies.  If you are having a serious sugar-craving, this is where to go.

Amazing Joe’s Grill:  If you’re like me, you like a good steak, and if you want the best steak in Muncie, you go to Amazing Joe’s.  Located on Wheeling, not far from the BSU campus, Amazing Joe’s motto is “The Answer is Yes.”  In addition to the steak, they also serve the world’s BEST pickle chips.  I love pickle chips and these are the best I’ve ever had.  So go, get yourself an order of pickle chips (and spring for both the ranch and the horseradish dipping sauces), a tasty rib-eye steak, and enjoy one of Joe’s flavored margaritas with it.

Scotty’s Brewhouse:  If you’re from Indiana, you may well have heard of Scotty’s already, or at least Three Wise Men brewing.  Well, Scotty’s in Muncie is where it all started.  You want a huge variety of beers to choose from?  Scotty’s is the place to go.

Heorot Pub & Drafthouse:  Maybe you want a beer, but you want a bit more atmosphere with it.  Then the Heorot is for you.  The place was fashioned after a mead hall (think Beowulf folks).  There’s a good variety of beers here too, plus the fun atmosphere.  And if you go, come find me at MWW because I will have a couple questions for you.  😉  Just be aware, the Heorot is downtown so it will mean negotiating one-way streets.  You may want to consult a map or a local before you go, just so you know which streets go which way.

The Caffeinery:  This is a locally-owned coffee bar which has won a lot of awards, including fourth place in the America’s Best Coffeehouse competition (where they were the youngest and smallest coffeehouse competing).  I confess – I haven’t been here myself yet (there’s a pesky Starbucks within walking distance of my office) but I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who have.  If you like supporting local businesses and you like quality coffee, this is the place for you.  Again, be aware of the one-way streets downtown before you go.

Those are just a few places worth checking out while you’re in town, be it for MidWest Writers Workshop or another event.  I hope you’ll enjoy all of them and all of your time in my hometown!