Book Review: Divide, by Jessa Russo

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Divide tells the story of Holland Briggs and Mick Stevenson.  Something is wrong with Holland – she can feel it.  She’s turned into a social pariah at school thanks to a painful break-up, followed by some arson and attempted murder.  Mick Stevenson believes he’s the key to saving Holland from the evil inside her.  She just has to fall in love with him.  That’s no easy task, given what’s happened to her.  And, as it turns out, things are a bit more complicated than that.

Good things:
The way the story hooked me.
The characters. I loved the relationship between Holland and Cameron. It felt very believable. Cam did things which reminded me of my own younger brother. Of course, he was also one-up on my brother by being fiercely loyal to and protective of his sister. Ro was great fun and I liked the way she went from annoying Holland to showing she was a true friend (and so much more to Cam). I liked Mick, and I enjoyed the banter between Mick and Holland.
Bad things:
I grew increasingly impatient with the characters as the story progressed. They were slow to catch on to things which felt really obvious to me. There were also some strange cuts from chapter to chapter, gaps that took me by surprise because the passage of time wasn’t noted (one chapter Holland & Mick are making out, the next she’s waking up alone). I’m also not a fan of using chapter headings to identify your narrator. If each character has a strong voice, it shouldn’t be necessary. I felt like, as the book went on, Holland and Mick developed strong enough voices to make those headers unnecessary.
Overall, this was an engrossing read which hooked me quickly, with good characters and, despite the fact that some of the big confrontation was no surprise, still managed to sneak in a twist. I’d rate this at 3.5 stars out of 5.