What Am I Writing?

I’m still working on the story I posted about last time (ie the is it a YA-or-NA Paranormal Mystery).  I’m not going as fast as I’d like, but I’m still having plenty of fun with it.  I thought I’d share a snippet here.  Here goes…

I was doodling on the edge of my notebook page when my skin began to crawl. It started on my left arm and I looked down, expecting to find a bug. Nothing was there. I rubbed at my arm but the sensation only increased, moving up my arm to the back of my neck and down my right arm. I caught a whiff of scent, reminiscent of baby powder, and then the heavy, uncomfortable feeling I’d experienced twice already today settled over me. My pen slipped from my fingers as my hand went numb. The person next to me reached over, stopping it from rolling off my desk. I covered it with my hand, my fingertips brushing against his. The heavy feeling lifted for a second, allowing me to turn toward him and give him a quick smile of gratitude. He smiled back, his cheeks dimpling adorably, and I felt my face warm.
“Ooh,” breathed a voice in my left ear, and a chill shot down my spine. “Dreamy.” I turned my head, but the person sitting next to me was staring at the professor, a confused look on his face. There was a girl behind me, but her attention was on the cell phone in her lap.
“You ok?” This voice came from my right and belonged to my pen rescuer. I turned toward him, my face warming once more.
“Yeah,” I whispered back. I felt the professor’s gaze on me and turned my attention back to the front of the room.
The class dragged on. The heavy feeling didn’t go away completely, but it did lessen. I still got chills every few minutes, usually accompanies by whiffs of the baby-powder-like scent. The guy next to me glanced at me frequently and I wanted to return his gaze, but I was too creeped-out by whatever was happening to me to enjoy his attention. I wanted nothing more than to flee from this room and from whatever was causing me to feel weak and chilled. I just hoped that when the class finally did end, I could manage to exit with some dignity.

So there you go.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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