Writing: It’s Not a Race

Registration for Midwest Writers Workshop opened last week (register here).  I knew I wanted to do the Intensive session on Thursday and that those fill fast, so I wasted no time heading over to register.  After debating with myself about which session to take, I made my choice and click-click-click, I was signing up.  It was exciting.  It was thrilling.  It was… a bit disappointing.

You see, at last year’s MWW I talked to so many people who were making pitches to agents, getting asked for pages, who had completed manuscripts which they were ready to send out into the world.  I wasn’t there but I wanted to be.  I was going to be.  This year was going to be the year that I pitched.  I was all fired up!

Alas, I’m not there.  I don’t have a manuscript that’s ready yet.  I’m disappointed by that.  I was beating myself up about it pretty thoroughly too.  Fortunately, I had an epiphany.  I’m just not at the same place that those other writers were, and that’s ok.  This is not a race.  Even if it was, I’d still need to go at my own pace.  This is about me doing my best, not me comparing myself with someone else.  In that sense, it is just like my running –  my goal has to be to do my personal best and not worry about where I place.  This year isn’t my year for pitching.  Maybe, if I can put in the work this year, next year will be.  And that will be awesome.


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