Considering Changes

As the year winds down, I have started thinking of goals for the coming year.  For instance, I’ve learned this year that a reading goal of 100 books is not necessarily realistic (certainly not this year).  I’ve been reminded that having the best of intentions does not translate into success (see item 1, for just one example).

So, as I look toward 2015, I know there are some changes I want to make.  I’m working on creating a better writing space for myself, rather than using a tv tray in the living room with my laptop on it.  I can write there (and I have written a lot there) but I think having a space which is set aside may be helpful – kind of like putting on a uniform before going to work can help get you into the work mindset.  At least, I’m going to give it a shot.  Currently I write around tv, online games, minding my dogs, and talking with my husband.  Could I be more productive if I took some time to go to a space just for writing without all of those (admittedly pleasant) distractions?

I’m considering what my next Goodreads reading goal should be, but along with that I’m thinking about how I review books.  I go in with those great intentions – ooh, I want to remember THAT because it was well-done or really neat or whatever and I should mention it in my review.  And then I finish the book and I just go with my gut on the star-count and rarely remember to mention those little things that struck me as I was reading.  I’d like to put more thought into my reviews rather than just going with my gut (not that my gut doesn’t serve me well in many areas; I just feel like I’m cheating the authors who wrote great stuff when I can’t do more than write “I really liked this”).

Which brings me to the last thing that’s been on my mind (at least, the last one I’m sharing here).  I’m not a big fan of the title of this blog.  Reflective Writer.  It sounds like there are going to be deep thoughts and analysis and what-not here and I’ll admit, that was what I hoped to create initially, but there’s just one problem.  That’s not ME.  I’m not saying I don’t have deep thoughts, because I do.  But I tend to have them at inconvenient (for blogging purposes) times, like when I’m in the shower or trying to get to sleep or stuck in a boring meeting at work.  By the time I come here to write something, they’re shelved somewhere hard to reach in my brain.  And, if I’m honest, when I’m talking with people, sharing deep thoughts is not what I tend to do.  I’m the one figuring out how to say something which will make everyone laugh (and usually succeeding by accident rather than design).  So I’m trying to think about what I would call this blog, and just what I really want to make it all about.  I attended a social media workshop not long ago and one piece of advice really resonated with me:  Be yourself online.  It doesn’t necessarily mean spew your every thought and share every detail of your life out there, but don’t put on a persona.  Let your own personality shine through.  I’m thinking about that – about the messy, sarcastic, sometimes-easily-distracted-by-shiny-things (especially if they’re pens) person I am and about letting more of that come through here.

I’m closing with a random thought which hit me the other day.  I have this fun coffee mug which says “Do not annoy the writer, for she may put you in her book and kill you.”  I love that mug.  I love that saying.  But it hit me the other day, as I was sitting in my office at work fuming about some stupidity or other, that the problem with basing all your fictional murder victims on real-life people who piss you off is that you really don’t want to see their killer caught.  🙂