Revision Phase 2 – Still Loading

I’m supposed to be on to Phase 2 in my revision – fixing typos and then re-reading, looking for things to add, change, or delete.  Instead I’m doing nothing with my manuscript.  I’ve been reading a lot, and dealing with a lot at work, and my manuscript is languishing as a result.

It’s partly a time issue.  It’s partly a reluctance to get started issue.  I have this neat little plan, but I am finding this whole process very intimidating.  I feel like the manuscript is worth working on – it’s not one of those horrible oh-my-god-put-it-in-a-drawer-and-pretend-it-never-happened ones.  It’s got potential.

So, how am I going to get myself past this intimidated state and on to phase 2?  I think I’m going to try the just do it method.  Tomorrow I will spend my lunch hour fixing the typos and then reprint the manuscript.  Then, on Saturday, after breakfast, I’ll make myself a nice cup of coffee and settle in with the manuscript and a notebook (or my laptop) to start reading again and making notes.


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