Revision: On to Phase 2

I finished my first read-through of my manuscript from NaNoWriMo 2013.  I noted typos, some grammatical glitches, and a few repetitive word choices which need changed.  I am pleased to say that, while the manuscript needs work, I found it very readable.  That pleases me.

Next up is Phase 2.  Phase 2 is to do another read-through, noting things which I feel need changed/fixed.  Are there scenes which need added?  Deleted?  Revamped?  Many things occurred to me on this first read-through but I resisted pursuing them.  I wanted to get all the way through before I started changing anything.  I did start on some notes after I finished the read-through today.

At present, I believe I have a character who needs punched up and a plot thread which was left dangling.  I suspect I will be adding more scenes, and possibly chapters, in rewrite.  I am excited to start on Phase 2.


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