A New Way to View Self-Help Books

So, I was reading a self-help book the other day and I found it helpful in an unexpected way.  Not only did I find a process to use for looking at my life differently, but I also found a new way to look at my characters.  Specifically, it gave me some new ideas for how to approach their motivations.  It was an unexpected bonus from the book!

One of my to-dos for this year is to read more about the craft of writing.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot from practice and now it’s time to roll in some “book-smarts.”  I just didn’t expect some of those smarts to come from a book which wasn’t actually about writing.  However, it does make sense.  I’ve always wanted to figure out what makes certain people tick and my characters are no exception; it’s just a bit easier to sort them out since they’re all in my head.  🙂

The lesson here is, there are all sorts of places to learn new things which can add to your writing!  Next time you’re stuck trying to figure out what makes a character tick, you might try taking a trip to the self-help section of your local library or bookstore.  You may well find the answers you seek there!